Use Points Bank to redeem travel related services using any rewards points program. Our advisors use their close connections and industry know-how to identify the best possible deal for you.

Covid-19 Update
- Suspension of Points Bank Services -

Understandably efforts by governments around the world to contain the Coronavirus have had a massive impact on travel with border closures, isolation requirements and the like bringing international travel to a standstill.

Demand for the services of Points Bank, particularly managing the redemption of frequent flyer points, has similarly reduced to near zero and has remained that way since early March. We have watched and monitored the situation trying to anticipate a return to non-essential international travel, but unfortunately such a time now appears unlikely until late 2020 at best.

For this reason we have made the decision to suspend the services offered by Points Bank until further notice. This will also have the effect of closing access to the Points Bank system previously allowing you a single consolidated view of your points balances, and the ability to request redemptions.

The suspension will be effective 1st May 2020.

For existing bookings made by Points Bank on your behalf that require change or cancellation after this date please contact the airline directly.

Until then we wish you the best in these challenging times and will keep you informed when Points Bank services are resumed.

How Points Bank Works

Benefits of using Points Bank

1. Points Bank makes it easy for you to redeem travel.

Our advisors are the best in Australia at helping you to redeem reward flights on all the major airlines. They know the ins and outs and can help you make the most of your points whether it be with Qantas, Virgin, Emirates, Etihad, Singapore Airlines or any other carrier. Plus you can use your AMEX reward points on nine major airlines.

2. You can purchase or top up reward points.

We can help you reward or frequent flyer points. Points Bank can purchase points on your behalf. It’s a great way to top-up if you are short of points to secure that redemption ticket, but it can also allow you to buy redemption tickets outright at unbelievably low prices.

3. Use reward points to offset corporate travel expenses.

We can help you make the most of your business's points by using them to offset your corporate travel expenses. Our expert advisors have helped businesses save up to $40,000 in 6 months by using credit card reward points for travel.

  • K.T.
    “We have been very pleased with Points Bank. Like most other businesses, we accrue credit card reward points on everyday expenses but struggle to redeem them. Points Bank has created real value for us by converting these points into international flights. In a period of only 6 months, they have already saved us over $40,000 in travel costs, not to mention the time and frustration it would have taken to find and book them ourselves. I can highly recommend their services.”
  • I.G.
    "I have been very impressed by Points Bank. I joined Points Bank because I wanted to make the most from the points I earn from my business. I now travel with my whole family 3 or 4 times a year in Business and First Class with points, saving me over $100,000 each year. I can’t thank the Points Bank team enough for saving me time and money and helping me turn my points into amazing travel experiences."
  • B.L.
    Points Bank is such a clever way to manage multiple points programs. The website is really simple to use, and the knowledge of the consultants about how to make the most of my points is impressive. I couldn't imagine life without Points Bank now!
  • M.J.
    Within a few days of registering with Points Bank I had booked my family a return ticket to Los Angeles using my Amex points. The whole process was so easy and the consultant extremely helpful. They also booked my hotel and rental car, saving me the effort of dealing with another travel agency.
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