Buy frequent flyer points to top-up, purchase a flight, or give as a gift or incentive

Using our connections, we can buy frequent flyer points on your behalf and transfer them into your nominated points rewards program*. This opens up a world of opportunities for you. It might sound unusual, but buying frequent flyer points can offer the best deal on an air ticket you’ll ever get! Plus it is a great way to top-up your program if you are short on frequent flyer points and want that reward flight. We even have clients buying frequent flyer points as gifts or incentives.

*Where permitted by each rewards program.

Buy frequent flyer points to purchase a flight

Purchase the entire number of points to pay for a flight and save! The price of points varies by airline so below is a snapshot of some recent business class bookings we’ve done. Talk to our team to see if this is the best option for you.

RoutePrice – buy with pointsPrice – cheapest internet fareSaving
Sydney – Tokyo return$2,625$4,14037%
Melbourne – San Francisco return$5,250$7,87233%
Hong Kong – London return$4,200$7,11041%
* Business class fares. Fares valid as at May 2017. Includes taxes.

Buy frequent flyer points to top up

If there's a reward flight you want and you've got most of the points but not quite enough to get you there, we can buy points for you and put them directly in your rewards program for you to use them as you choose.

Buy frequent flyer points to incentivise sales

Have you considered using reward points as a give away to incentivise sales of large ticket items such as cars or property? If you work in property development, real estate or selling cars then you should talk to us about buying reward points as a marketing initiative. Imagine giving away 500,000 points for the purchase of an off-the-plan apartment or house. There's no upfront risk but it could lead to big rewards.

Alternatively, think about incentivising your sales team with points to meet targets.

We can help you purchase as many points as you need. Call our team today on 1800 154 033 to discuss.

Buy frequent flyer points as a gift

If you're stuck for gift ideas, why not consider gifting some points towards a holiday? Who would say no to that? You can either purchase rewards points or use our 'share points' capability to transfer some of your own excess points.


How to buy rewards points

Buying points through us is easy. Simply join or login to Points Bank to and we’ll be in touch to let you know how much and how you can use them. If you are happy with the price we’ll ask you sign an order form so we can proceed with the purchase for you. Orders normally take 72 hours to appear in your frequent flyer account. If you're not a member of Points Bank and just want to make an enquiry about buying rewards points, please click on the button below.
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