Our fees

Registering & Managing Points

Registering and using Points Bank is free. You can sign up and upload your program details with no limitations.

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Redeeming Points

If you choose to redeem your points for travel-related services with Points Bank, the fees to cover the services are below. There are no hidden charges.

Australian Dollars – Exclusive of GST
Domestic Booking Fee Per Ticket$55
International Trip Planning / Research (1 or more travellers)$250
International Booking Fee Per Ticket$125
Amendment Fee Per Ticket$55

So if you are looking for two people travelling return to Europe, we would charge a once-off trip planning fee of $250 where we research the best options for you, and then 2 x $125 booking fee per ticket. A total of $500 + GST to save you the time and effort of doing it yourself, plus we can probably get you a better deal.

Click here to book travel using points.

Buying Points

There is no fee to buy points. The price of points (generally sold per thousand) depends on the reward program. Please contact us for more information.
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